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  • ODN welcomed the prospect of the development of optical splitter and connector market opportunity
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       Abstract: in the promotion of a variety of related policies, the scale of the copper back into the light has gradually expanded, with the substantive progress of FTTx, ODN products as an important part of FTTx system, also will usher in development opportunities, splitter and a connector market will be hot.

      PPTN recently issued a document analysis splitter and a connector that promote market, in a variety of related policies, the scale of the copper back into the light has gradually expanded, with the substantive progress of FTTx, ODN products as an important part of FTTx system, also will usher in development opportunities, splitter and a connector market will be hot.
      According to statistics, ODN access equipment investment accounted for 50% ~ 60% FTTx equipment investment. Can be predicted, the next few years China's ODN access equipment market scale will maintain a growth trend, more than 20% to 2012, the market size is expected to reach 14550000000 yuan. ODN access equipment is usually composed of optical splitter, optical connector and equipment installation of these devices (box, terminal box) composition. ODN core technology is mainly embodied in the optical splitter, optical connector, optical passive device products.
      Shunt market unpopular
      PLC (planar optical waveguide technology) optical splitter is the main user access network is applied to the FTTH in 2009, the global PLC splitter demand of about 33000000 channels, the annual growth rate is 32%. The global market showing a different pattern in different regions, Japan, South Korea in successive years the demand for high-speed development, is now reaching gently, demand is relatively stable, accounting for about half of the market; America by the impact of the financial crisis, the development momentum is affected; while in developing countries, such as Brazil, India Chinese FTTx is in a rapid stage of construction, thus becoming a major growth market point.
      With China's FTTx continues to advance, planar optical waveguide technology has become the development focus of optical fiber communication industry. The PLC market is unpopular, some passive optical device manufacturers are very optimistic, have prepared on PLC project. At present, the main producers of PLC are Accelink technology, Fiberxon technology, rich technology etc..
      In the promotion of China Telecom and Chinese Unicom large-scale PLC product tender, domestic PLC market is hot, strong growth in orders income. In the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the operator would accelerate the deployment of FTTx networks, which will effectively promote domestic passive devices to market demand, product PLC as the core device of FTTx, will get a lot of applications, occupies in the global market share is expected to further enhance.
      The core PLC optical splitter is a chip, the chip design and manufacturing is the key. In recent years, some optical components enterprises in China have successfully on the PLC chip, while the majority of foreign enterprises also take the chip transfer to our country package, these have created favorable conditions for the development of PLC optical splitter industry.
      Connector with huge potential
      In 2008 the global optical connector demand is 1010000000, is up about 11%, in 2009 reached 1040000000. Affected by the growth of application in the field of communication, optical network and other downstream market demand, is expected by 2012 will reach 1630000000.
      The global optical connector from a consumer market perspective, the current American market is the biggest. And the future development potential is the largest market in the Asia pacific. With the development of optical fiber and cable technology makes the fiber from the end user more and more near, people demand for shorter links including board interconnection, increasing, thus promoting the connector greatly increasing the amount of.
      In 2010 the country take the revitalization and integration of optical communication industry policy will expand domestic optical fiber connector is the size of the market, and promote the development of domestic optical fiber connector industry. The domestic telecommunications industry reorganization and 3G license and other factors to promote the construction of optical communication network, the resulting including copper back into the light, "FTTx" and other new market demand, is a huge market opportunity for optical fiber connector.
      According to the China electronic components industry association information center data, in 2009 the domestic market demand for optical fiber connector has reached 280000000, 2010 to the domestic optical fiber connector market demand in 2015 will increase to about 12.6%, to 2012 the demand will reach 410000000. Therefore, to start with the construction of large-scale optical fiber broadband network, the three major telecom operators network construction is expected to light floor going into the households of the orderly expansion of optical fiber connector, the market scale will continue to grow.
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